POUT MEETS POWER! How red lipstick became a symbol of feminine rebellion

   Did you know red lipstick has played a significant role in women’s rights throughout history. It was a tangible symbol of the suffragette movement in the 19th and 20th century. 

  The suffragette women were those seeking the right to vote through organized protest. They wore a strategic uniform of dresses and red lips to create an overall appearance that was feminine but undeniably forceful. In 1912 red Lipstick was so entrenched with women’s fight for the vote that department stores and beauty brands took advantage of this connection stating “fashionable young women are flocking to the store for the most powerful symbol of female emancipation Red Lipstick, now leading the way for the world’s suffragettes”. 

    In 1912, cosmetic queen Elizabeth Arden, a dedicated suffragette herself opened the doors of her NYC office to hand out tubes of red lipstick to other suffragettes marching down fifth avenue as a sign of solidary.

   Red lipstick was a marker for FEMININE POWER and protest that continued well into the 20th century. During World War 2, women rapidly entered the workforce and active duty, many with a strong red kisser. Wearing red lipstick on duty became standard protocol for women in the armed forces as well as nurses and volunteers throughout the war. The marine corps even commissioned Elizabeth Arden – a legendary makeup innovator to create a tube specifically designed for women in service. It was a 1941’s vibrant, victorious, “Montezuma Red” which was issued in the official military kit. 

   Have a century later, the tradition of wearing red lipstick as an act of voice, social commentary, and political protest is still going strong. So if you are looking for a beauty moment that Commands Attention and underlines authority, one that’s imbued with Her Story and hidden messages , one that’s a highlight for the opinions, and sentiments coming from your mouth…YOU CAN NOT EVER GO WRONG WITH A RED LIP!

              “I will wear a red lip whenever I need a boost of confidence” -IT FACTOR GLOBAL 2022 

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